Seven Deadly and Four Author
"Would heartily recommend to anyone who wants an effortless read and a good chuckle."

"Great for fans of terry pratchett or douglas adams"

"delightful, entertaining & binge-worthy!"
An invaluable red stone.

Two unsuspecting brothers.

a supporting cast of mercenaries, spies, a crime lord, an over-zealous hay salesman and the King's own advisor.

It seems everyone in the Kingdom wants Greg & Ralph's stone and they'll stop at nothing to get it.

A hilarious fantasy story about working out what's important in life... and then trying to take it from someone else.

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Tim Beeden is someone who likes to make things up.

Things like stories, ideas and friends.

He’s lived a varied life, has had thirteen different jobs, and loves to travel. He's utterly convinced he’s part Viking (much to his wife’s continual annoyance).

He’s married with one child.

Greed is his first novel in a planned series of eleven books but he’s pretty new to this so isn’t aware of how ridiculous an ambition that is.

He genuinely hopes you enjoy reading Greed.